Corinna Frauenfeld

About the LifeCruise Coach

Coach, business administrator, training in the areas of transformation | mental realignment | New Spirit, international professional experience in global purchasing and project management, as an alliance manager, in process and change management and executive officer


"For many years I have been looking for ways to help myself and share all of that with other people. I love opening people a safe space for themselves, development & personal growth so that they can find themselves and realize their dreams more and more. Going out for my own strength, change and love is what I'm passionate about."


Coaching focus: SelfLeadership & Personal Development


Further Information:

Contact & Registration:

Individual Coaching

The start is possible at any time, depending on the agreement, and depends individually on your support request and scope. Please feel free to contact me for a 30-minute (free of course) introductory talk. The basis for my coaching support is also the workbook "My Lifecruise-Navi".

Working language: German and English

Group Coaching (in planning)

LifeCruise Group Coaching 7x4 Modules

Brief description: The aim of this course is to support people in finding answers to questions such as 'What makes me special? Who do I want to be? What is important to me? What am I here for? where do i belong How do I want to live? Which activity suits me? Which employers or clients are ideal for me?" If you are the type of person who likes to illuminate such fundamental questions of human life together with others, I offer coaching support within the framework of 7 coaching modules of 4 hours each. We will do it into a fairly detailed inventory of your strengths and inclinations, core values and needs, dreams and goals, and the like.


In 7 group coaching units we go through the workbook "My Life-Cruise Navi" together with various coaching tools, techniques, small mediations, creative work and also a lot of fun.


At the end of the group coaching program:

  • You know what distinguishes you personally and what you need to lead a satisfied & happy life.
  • You have an idea of what you want to offer professionally and to whom in order to attract suitable employers or clients.
  • You have defined concrete goals, strategies and steps that will bring you closer to your ideas of an ideal life.

The structure:

For this process we use the metaphor of a ship trip and start with an "inventory - the status quo", then we travel into "dreaming of the future" and from there into "concretizing the future".


The modules:

Module 1: Getting to know each other and taking stock

Module 2: Taking stock

Module 3: Conclusion inventory & future

Module 4: Future (what drives me, strengths, environment, employer/client)

Module 5: Future (vision, goals, strategies)

Module 6: Future (the captain - thoughts, feelings, values, focus, etc.)

Module 7: Insights in a nutshell, key takeaways, feedback

Duration: approx. 3 months

Time required: 7x4 hours (+ approx. 2 hours of follow-up work for in-depth research tasks alone and with a tandem partner from your coaching group)

Dates and times: to follow

Location: Online via Zoom

Number of participants: min. 6 and max. 12

Investment: for your entire package €440,00 incl. workbook