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You're in the right place if you're a committed, performance-driven individual who wants to be economically successful and humanly fair and make a difference in the world. And you are in a critical transition phase in your life, for example:

  • from school to your first apprenticeship or training to a job
  • re-entering the workforce after a family phase
  • losing your job (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • new position in the company
  • spatial change of the center of life
  • impending retirement
  • nagging feeling of inner emptiness and dissatisfaction despite having a secure job

And you somehow feel insecure and lost because you don't know what you want.

Does this sound like you?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, I can tell you that my colleagues and I have been in similar positions as you several times:


Longing to do something more meaningful and fulfilling.

Uncertain what exactly can and should be changed.

Fear of not making it and failing and no longer belonging.


For me, this even started in my early 20s.... And in my early 30s, I couldn't bear the emptiness of my materially comfortable lifestyle any longer, so I took the leap to start anew. However, immediate satisfaction didn't follow. I had to learn to overcome doubts, cope with minimal earnings, and endure skepticism from friends. Despite these challenges, I persisted and followed my heart. After about 7-8 years, I established myself as a leadership coach, and now I look forward to each day with gratitude and satisfaction. 

I am glad that I stayed with the ball and followed my heart in spite of all these immense difficulties as well as the great inner insecurity that flared up again and again. And then, after a mere 7-8 years, I managed to establish myself as a leadership coach. And also to get back to the old times economically - with the difference that I now look forward to every single day and feel grateful, content and balanced on the majority of all days.


If I can do it, so can you! And you can likely achieve it much faster by learning from my experiences and overcoming obstacles more efficiently. My colleagues and I wholeheartedly want to support you on your journey. 

With the LifeCruise-Navigator in 5 stages to more ease and joy in life

To help you move out of your current insecurity and into the clarity, ease, and joy of life you crave, I've spent ~25 years studying, trying, and tweaking to develop a coaching program based on the metaphor of life as a ship's voyage:


With its help, you find out playfully what you need, want, and can do to live contentedly.


You can go through the coaching program with the help of the workbook My LifeCruise-Navigator completely on your own, as part of individual coaching sessions, or as a member of a coaching group. And if you also want to learn to help other people bring more ease and joy into their lives, you can complete an Extended Version, which even comes with a globally recognized professional coaching qualification.

In any case, your journey to a content life has five crucial ship passages:

Your Starting Point:
Our journey together starts by taking a closer look at your current starting position: Where is your 'ship of life' right now? On the water, in the harbor, in the dock...? And you, the captain, where are you right now? At the helm of your ship of life, in your bunk, somewhere on land on vacation or overboard and in the water about to drown? As captain of your ship of life, what do you spend your days and nights doing? What are your strengths and inclinations? What values and beliefs drive you from within? What kind of ship are you actually sailing? And where are you going with it? Do you really want to go there? What mission are you on with your ship? What other ships are accompanying you? What is the deeper meaning and purpose of your journey?

Your Destination:
In our second ship passage, you will be encouraged to dream and visualize what you would like to accomplish in this lifetime. And then decide on a very concrete destination that you want to reach next. So first we play a little 'make a wish'. And then my colleagues and I will help you filter out of your wishes the one that gets you most excited in a positive way and then formulate a concrete self-accomplishing goal to go with that wish.

The Leak:
During our third ship passage we support you in locating the 'leak' in your 'ship of life'. In doing so, you will become aware of the stupid habit, suboptimal behavior, and/or obstructive thoughts and feelings that you yourself are contributing to what is bothering you about your life and hindering your progress.

Your Itinerary:
Once the leak is located, you will be supported in sealing it and picking up speed. More specifically, together we will develop a plan for how you can dissolve the disruptive factor within you and in what stages you can reach your destination. You will also get delicious 'travel provisions' that will help you overcome thirsty stretches.

Entering the Port of Destination:
On the way to your destination, we'll keep doing check-ups with course corrections until you reach your destination. You will be encouraged to look back at the impressions and insights of your journey and to celebrate the arrival at your destination.

My #AwesomeLife program is so effective because ...

# it is based on the findings of > 20 years of research on achieving desires and goals.
# it touches emotionally through its easy-to-understand metaphor and involves body, mind and spirit, so it's holistic.
# its structure is immediately obvious to anyone who has ever used a Navi:


First the navi needs to know where you are right now ('your starting point'),

then it needs to be told where you want to go ('your destination'),

then it looks for traffic jams and road works to find the best way ('the leak').

Then it sends you on your way ('Your itinerary') and

keeps giving you hints in case there are any glitches on the route you've taken,

until you happily arrive at your destination ('Entering the destination port').


When you've gone through #AwesomeLife, you're calmer, secure, serene, more self-aware and more confident. Because you've realized what makes you tick and what you need, want, and can do to live a satisfied life. You've gotten off the 'higher-faster-further hamster wheel' and don't feel so driven anymore.


You're still very motivated to do your best BUT with much more awareness of when it's 'good' then. And much more serenity when things turn out differently than planned. Much more grateful for what is already good now. Much more basic trust and confidence. Much less compulsion, pressure, and stress. Much more ease and joy in life. At peace with yourself. Others feel this and it impresses and inspires them and they meet you with respect and esteem.

Step into your Power and create the Life you love!