Accompanying Coaching

...when working through the book

The LifeCruise-Navigator is intended to help you find answers to questions like


'Who am I? Who do I want to be? What matters to me? Why am I here? Where do I belong?

How do I want to live?

Which job is right for me? Who are my ideal employers or clients?'


If you are the type of person who prefers to illuminate such fundamental questions of human life together with other people, my authorized LifeCruise-Coach colleagues and myself are happy to assist you! You can choose between individual coaching-sessions and a group-coaching-program.


Beacons provide guidance to ships and point them the way. Like ships you can have the support of a 'beacon' as well. In a metaphorical way you can imagine coaches to be like lighthouse keepers. We shine light on the current environment, we help clarify the momentary position of the 'ship' and uncover dangerous reefs and shores and find access to save harbours - without dictating the direction and the destination port.


Individual coaching-sessions are arranged individually. Please contact the LifeCruise-Coach of your choice. You will shortly find the contact data of the authorized LifeCruise-Coachs on this page.


In a group-coaching-program you work through the LifeCruise-Navigator in close collaboration with others. In doing so you quite comprehensively take stock of your strengths and inclinations, most important values and needs, dreams and goals and the like. At the end of the group-coaching-program... 


  • you will know what distinguishes you and what you need to lead a happy life. 
  • professionally-speaking you will have a good idea of what you would like to offer whom to attract employers / customers that are perfect for you.
  • you will have defined clear goals, strategies and steps that help you achieve your ideas of an ideal life.


To benefit from the group-coaching-program you should be open for concentrated silent self-exploration as well as reflecting upon yourself with different peer-partners from the group and the group as a whole. And you should be ready and willing to support the self-reflection of the other participants in a benevolent and respectful dialogic manner. Between each of group-coaching-units you should calculate approximately 3 hours for deepening 'research projects' by yourself and with a tandem partner from the group. The group-coaching-program requires a significant investment of time, openness and agility as the pace is set and you are required to collaborate with alternating partners. The reward for this is a cornucopia of diverse and mind-expanding perspectives and ideas that individual coaching-sessions cannot offer.

If you would like to have a 'lighthouse' at your side to find out even faster and easier how you can improve your life satisfaction and you want to work through my LifeCruise Navi Workbook as part of an individual or group coaching, you will find here an overview of the current offers.