Silvia Richter-Kaupp

...the Author

Silvia Richter-Kaupp holds a degree in Business Administration. She is a Master Certified Coach (ICF), Director of Training for an internationally recognized coaching training, and a certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Coach for Integrated Solution Focused Psychology, Mediator (Steinbeis), and ThetaHealing® Instructor.


Silvia has been self-employed since 1997 and has previously worked as the Human Resources Manager for the German subsidiary of an American corporation.

Throughout her 55 years of life, Silvia has faced various crises, both professionally and personally. As a result, "Life-Leadership" has become the central theme of her work. Her coaching approach is holistic in nature. She draws from a richly filled toolbox that includes evidence-based and spiritual methods.


She believes that our thoughts play a significant role in our happiness and that we can change the world around us by changing ourselves. Therefore, she is passionate about helping people become aware of their thoughts and attitudes and updating them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


To achieve this, Silvia offers coaching, training, and tools that help people break free from internal and external constraints and align their professional and personal lives with their strengths, values, and desires.


Silvia was born in 1967 on a Black Forest farm and is an avid soccer and boxing fan. She also enjoys animals, music, art, books, jewelry design, and spending time with her husband and cat children.